• The doors have a thickness of 0.6 inchees and are burglarproof.

  • Worldwide leader Biometric supplier with many government agreements

  • Accessible from anywhere 24 hours a day

  • Master Password for emergency phone recovery (touchscreen use)

  • Manual mode phone recovery in the event of an electrical blackout

  • Daily usage report, with time of insertion and withdrawal

  • 100% anonymous use, no fingerprint will ever be archived

  • Users loyalty.People will know that they will find in that particular place a new , useful, necessary product

  • Incoming from the sale of commercial spaces on your monitor or product branding

  • Increased spending power of users who expect the phone

  • 100% Made in Italy product

  • Unlike our competitors, who are distributors of chinese products or other countries, Leonardo is totally developed by our company here in Italy. Both hardware and software.

  • For the above, Leonardo totally differentiates itself in terms of quality and performance from our competitors

  • As producers we can carry out any kind of customization on the software 

Phone Italia srl

Headquarter: Via Nazionale 43/7 33010 Tavagnacco (UD)


c/o Centro Commerciale Corte Smeralda First Floor

VAT: IT02756880304

Phone.+39 0432.482499

email: info@phone-italia.com

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