In 2014 the market value of Digital Signage was calculated on 14.63 billion dollars. It is estimated that will exceed 20 billion dollars within 2020

Unfortunately, every day , 80% of engagement opportunities with the users are lost

There are not adequate and effective tools to attract audiences

Normal advertising kiosks do not attract user’s attention; they don’t get any communication effectiveness

They do not offer anything, and so they go unnoticed

What if users need anything?


There are over 2 billion smartphones in the world

People are always on the move and during the day , not being at home or in the office , have always to fight with battery life

We are always looking for a power source that allows us to get through the day

With Leonardo, therefore, the perspective changes completely, as the users themselves will be directed towards it, driven by the need to recharge their smartphone for free and in an easy and safe way.

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