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Over the last few years there has been a remarkable evolution of mobile phones, especially smartphones, with their increasing use and functionality we have become increasingly dependent upon them.

Unfortunately, this rapid improvement in technology and performance has not been accompanied by an equal development of battery life.

Often we are forced to go in search of a rescuer….ie…bartender or shopkeeper who will graciously allow us to charge our phone and also then hope there is a suitable cord to do so.

To overcome this problem we created Phone Italy srl, a startup whose members include Marco Raggi, Davide Clocchiatti, Diego Mestroni, Fabio Pirioni and Matteo Crispo. We are all under the age of 35.

Thus Leonardo was born. A multimedia kiosk, beautifully designed, quick, user friendly and practical.

Our goal is to make Leonardo available internationally & with increased consumer demand will be expected to be found in any city.

  • An innovative way to recharge your smartphone.

    - Your fingerprint is your personal key -


Leonardo is a new device that allows you to recharge your smartphone in a secure manner. It was designed to be placed in public locations for the convenience of smartphone users such as restaurants, airports, clubs, shops, stores, libraries, etc....


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